Trivia & Production Notes

Just a few notes I found amusing, or at least mildly interesting, over the course of creating re:GEN thus far. I figure people who are as neurotic as me about these things might like this, and if not, it allows me to be neurotic and catalog these things, so. Neener.

  • Egakumon (as people who watch my dA account may know) was actually designed almost a year before re:GEN started (before it was even an inkling of an idea!) as a sort of author-avatar digimon. He was made on a request from a friend, who had called me "Spikymon" for years, and wanted to know what a Spikymon would look like. A name change, a rehaul of evolutionary line, and a design change or two later (and a total personality gutting), and lo, there be our leader-boy's digimon.
  • It was actually this that inspired me to start re:GEN; I was simply re-designing Spikymon/Egakumon for the sake of itself, and then I thought, "I should make him some teammates!". ... two months later, here we are.
  • Deekamon was a completely unrelated-to-digimon OC I started drawing in summer of 2011; I quickly realized I didn't have anything I could do with him, as he didn't fit into any of my "character sets", and stopped. ... and then I needed a mentor character. ... so...
  • In the rough draft stages, Delfinimon was supposed to be a male parrot named Loromon. That's when I realized three things: that, with Loromon, I would have put two birds on the team; no aquatic digimon to speak of, which meant they'd be all doomed in the several water-y areas I wanted to include; and that only two out of seven digimon would have been girls, and Sampamon wouldn't appear for quite a while, leaving only one girl digimon on the team. Because it was already established that her and Faris' virtue was humor, and she was just not yet developed (and so I could swop her gender), I changed her to a dolphin, because people tend to think of dolphins as playful (even though I think real dolphins are evil). Oh, well-- Loromon made an appearance anyway!
  • With the above story with Egakumon's origin in mind, Kamomon was the first character designed specifically for re:GENESIS instead of being imported from elsewhere.
  • Faris and Julian weren't related until I actually drew them, and noticed I had drawn them looking like brothers... and decided to throw it in, because hey, pretty much every season of Digimon thus far has had at least one character with sibling issues. It was probably one of the best choices I made relating to the story.
  • On the Soundtracks page: while the "opening theme" will change several times on the OST, the Ending Theme -- The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves -- was always meant to be the real 'theme' of re:GENESIS. It just worked better as an ending.
  • I attempted to write 50,000 words of Digimon re:GENESIS for National Novel Writing Month in November 2012-- and here's the kicker: I won! Chapters 32 through 38 were all pumped out in the month of November in a frenzied 30-day burst.
  • Loromon is not the only "relic from the first draft"-- Rafikmon and all of his forms were originally an eighth digimon partner that got scrapped after, like, two days of drafting. Again-- they appear anyway, so no real loss?