Thank You

Digimon re:GENESIS is dedicated to anyone who gets any entertainment or joy out of it.

This series wouldn't exist were it not for the feedback I've gotten, or even just the fact that I have return visitors. Knowing that there are people who follow re:GENESIS is enough to keep me doing it. re:GEN wouldn't be half as far along as it is today without y'all. Every pageview, hit, review, comment, and favorite means a lot to me.
What began as a project started purely out of boredom, one I expected to drop after a few chapters (if that), has turned into something I truly care about and genuinely love working on, that I always want to make better. You've given me something fantastic.

In particular, I want to thank:
Asterik, my best friend, for taking part in that Digimon RP with me, eight years ago -- so much has been borrowed from those old logs and put into this story -- and for making writing Digimon so incredibly special to me.
Chi and DS, the minds behind Digimon Advent, for your amazing FDD project, which inspired me to create my own; and for your unfailing support and friendship along the journey of writing re:GEN.
Rei, for putting up with me constantly asking you for feedback.
Anyone and everyone who's commented, signed the guestbook, left a review, or entered the contest.

You all rock.

In return for what you've given me, as long as even one person reads re:GENESIS, I will bring it to the end for you.

The regenesis continues.