I, Kennedy E./Kazz/Kazzooki, claim no ownership over Digimon nor any official Digimon characters. They are the trademarks and the property of Bandai and Toei. This is a fan work, and is in no way meant to be treated as official.

I also do not lay claim to any of the music listed on the Soundtracks page; the songs are the property of the recording artists and the rights-holders. Links are provided to Youtube videos containing the songs to accentuate understanding and enjoyment of the story and its characters, and no other reason.

However, I do claim full ownership over the original fan-created Digimon (e.g. Egakumon as a species), locations (e.g. The Wide Forest), individual characters (e.g. Simon Bell, Egakumon as a character), storyline and plot, and any unofficial explanations and details of the Digital World as presented in the world of Digimon re:GENESIS (e.g. Yggdrasil as presented in-story, the stigma associated with absorbing a digicore). All art unless otherwise noted is similarly my work and is not to be copied, reproduced, traced, editted, or redistributed under any circumstances without explicit permission.

I gain no money from any of these endeavors; this is a work that was produced for free and is distributed for free.

Digimon re:GENESIS is rated G and is appropriate for all audiences, barring the use of one very strong swear word in chapter 22.