Characters (Chosen Children)

These seven Digidestined children were chosen by the Sovereigns, and through Yggdrasil, summoned to the Digital World. The children lend their strength to their partners, through use of seven mysterious forces (in the form of talismans) called Virtues. Without the children, the digimon would never be able to reach their fullest potential.

Simon Bell
Hot-blooded and headstrong partner of Egakumon
Andrea Michaels
Tough and somewhat short-fused partner of Rajamon
Julian LeBlanc
Calculating and intelligent partner of Iguamon
Faris Beckett
Wisecracking and sarcastic partner of Delfinimon
Emily Hariss
Cheerful yet somewhat spacy partner of Kamomon
Tobias 'Toby' Moore
Kind-hearted and gentle partner of Lammon
Lukas 'Luke' Kelly
Quiet and considerate partner of Sampamon