Episode 1: From Beyond

"You're sure this is where we're supposed to be?"


"Absolutely sure?"

"For the last time, yes! Deekamon told me so."

"You... really believe a word that weirdo says?"

"Yeah! ... hey, wait, shut up-- Deekamon's really smart!"

"... Efudemon? You're an idiot."


Six little creatures waited; the wind blew past them. Some of them took glances down the cliffs on whose edges they waited, some chatted betwixt themselves, and one stared intently down the hill behind them.

"If they don't appear soon, Efudemon," one said, flicking his tail back and forth, "we're leaving. Deekamon has no idea what he's talking about half the time-- you know that, don't you?" His brow furrowed. "He's told us that it'd be ten different places in the past week, and they're starting to catch on. We keep doing this and we'll get caught."

Efudemon harumphed, crossing his short little arms. "You guys need to learn to trust me!"

They waited; they waited for quite a while. After a couple of hours, all five of his compatriots were shuffling as though uncomfortable, looking longingly back down the hill. When all was silent, Efudemon heaved an entirely overdramatic sigh and turned to face his companions. "I guess it's not today. We'll go back to the forest," he said dejectedly, and he turned back around. Reluctantly and with great histrionics, he began the half-bounce, half-march back down the hill.


Before too long, the six-creature troupe was back outside where they started; a circular hut, made of cobblestone and topped with a thatched straw roof. "Deekamon!" Efudemon yelled through the thick wooden door, rapping at the door. The door swung open only about a half-foot before it was stopped by a chain; peeking suspiciously through the open space was Deekamon. "Come in, my little mons-- quickly, if you will," he said, unhooking the chain holding the door open just wide enough for the six to slip through. He counted them carefully as they filed in:
Efudemon, fluffy and white, with a blue patch around his eye and disproportionately large claws for his size;
Cindemon, burnt-red and cream, with fluffy ears and a tufted tail, looking much like a cat;
Fuwamon, small and light, who might be whipped away by too strong a wind and looking for all the world like a very small lamb;
Mismon, with a yellow and grey beak and barely-functional wings, with a single long feather on his forehead;
Finmon, green and dolphin-like, who had to hop carefully, as she wasn't made to walk on land;
And finally, Paleomon, pale green, with a stegosaurus spike on his little tail and head, and only one claw on each little, stub-like arm.

He nodded once, closing the door and chaining it again once Paleomon was entirely inside. "I take it I was not right, mm?" Deekamon said, his eyes closing as he walked to a solid wood table in the very centre his one-room abode.

"Everyone else wanted to come back," Efudemon said as he pouted. "So we'll never know."

Paleomon looked at Efudemon, and if he had a head separate from the rest of his body, he would have been shaking it. Instead, he merely sighed. "We're simply tired of being dragged onto wild Goslimon chases, with no results and all the risks," he said. "We're just as on-edge as you are."

"I doubt that," Finmon said, smiling as she rolled, looking at everyone else in the hut upside-down. "Efudemon is so on-edge he's grown wings and is flying over the side!" The little dolphin monster waved her fins to crudely emulate wings before she degenerated into a fit of giggles.

Fuwamon smiled and shook her little black head, sitting down on the floor before she turned her attentions to Deekamon. "Deekamon," she said, tucking her limbs underneath her until she looked like a cotton ball with a head, "do you actually know when they're going to arrive, or are you just guessing?" Deekamon puffed up with indignity at the question, and put his arms akimbo.

"Of course I know," he said, waving one hand. "And it will be tomorrow, I'm sure of it."

"You said that today," Mismon pointed out, blinking his large yellow eyes. "And yesterday. And the day before that. And--"

The bird would probably have continued in this way (or perhaps Efudemon would have jumped in to defend Deekamon), were there not suddenly a deep rumbling. The six little creatures jumped, almost as one, as they looked around themselves.
After only a few seconds of the rumble, brilliant white light poured in from outside, through every opening-- under the door and through the wooden bars of the sole small window, through gaps in the straw that made the roof, and it even seemed to come straight through the rock walls. It was almost blinding to behold, and all assembled rushed to cover their eyes. The light was followed by a deafening roar, the sound of a thousand oceans crashing down all at once directly overhead. And then...

Almost as suddenly as the sound and sight came, it were gone. The little creatures looked cautiously at Deekamon, who crept slowly to the window. Placing one hand on the window sill, he cautiously peered with one narrowed eye. Within seconds, though, he perked up visibly, and turned excitedly to the gathered bouncing blobs. A curious sort of giggle escaped him, and his golden eyes were lit up with mirth.


Simon Bell grumbled flatly as he heaved the garbage bag into the can and shoved it gracelessly to the curb. "One more down," he said to himself, clicking the bottom end of a pen, pulling a sheet of paper from his pocket, and striking off an item, "and fifteen hundred more go go." He groaned; this was what happened when the 'rents were out of town. Chores on top of chores on top of chores. He looked around; he seemed to be the only person out on the street. No cars passing, no people walking. Considering it was a fairly pleasant summer evening, the sun just now going down, this struck him as odd.

Suddenly, from behind him, he heard a shrill yell, breaking him straight out of his reverie. "SIMON!" said the feminine voice. "Yo, SIMON!" He turned to look; after a moment, an older girl than himself, with a similar mop of plum-coloured hair and green eyes, stood in the door, leaning against the frame. She held a cellphone in her hand, and held it up.

"I finished the garbage," he said, indicating over his shoulder with a thumb to the three full garbage cans gathered. "I don't get how you can eat this much and not be some kind of whale." Simon smirked as his sister, as he predicted she would, grew beet-red in the face-- one could almost see the vein in her forehead beginning to throb.

"You little brat!" she exclaimed, and just about threw the phone to the ground, but her anger soon cooled. She folded her arms, but massaged her temple with one hand. "I was just going to tell you that you got a text message." Simon took a few steps towards her before she flung the phone at him; it thumped into his chest.

"Thanks," the boy said begrudgingly, waiting until Sarah turned and walked back into the house before he flipped the phone open. Indeed, there was a new text message. It struck him as odd, however, and it wasn't hard to see why; the text bore no sender name, not even a number. Where the name would be displayed was simply a blank line. Simon raised an eyebrow, rubbing the back of his head and adjusting his beanie cap. "Do they make viruses for cell phones?" he asked nobody in particular, his thumb going through the motions to delete it.

There was a problem, however. 'Would you like to delete this message?' As he clicked the button 'yes', the message instead opened itself, and the contents made Simon's eyebrows furrow. Or, rather, the lack of content-- it, too, was completely blank. Not even a time-stamp. He huffed a bit, and stuffed his phone into his pocket. He'd look it up on the internet later, he figured.
If he had kept his eye on his phone, he would have noticed that a couple minutes later, the screen had begun pulsing with light. The 'beat' of the pulses started slow-- once every couple seconds. It increased in frequency, each flash coming sooner than the last, until the screen was simply on, spilling out with vivid light.

It began to vibrate, which caught Simon's attention at last.

It began to vibrate a whole lot harder than a phone has any right to. Simon whipped the phone out of the pocket of his shorts, and just about dropped it immediately. It was no longer just the screen, the entire phone was bathed in brilliant light-- light which was spreading onto his hand and up his arm.

"Oh, that can't be good." The light progressed-- slowly at first, gaining speed, it engulfed Simon's entire body. The boy was simply too dumbstruck to say anything, to cry to Sarah for help.

It was an unassuming sound-- a beep, like the sound of any other text message being received. But just that little ping, that tiny chime, and Simon was gone.


"Oh, god, I think I got hit by that truck."

"It's official, I'm dead. Call the morgue."

"Andrea, is that you!?"

"Oh, geeze, my head..."

Before he knew anything else, Simon found himself splayed on his back, staring up at the sky and surrounded by confused yells and exclamations. He stayed on his back on the hard ground; the sky looked... wrong, somehow.
It might have been that in places, the sky seemed to be fading into shining binary code. That could have been it.

He heaved himself to a sitting position. Around him were scattered five other people. Two girls, three boys. All of them were making sounds of discontent and confusion. All of a sudden, Simon felt a spinning in his head, and groaned as he brought one hand to his forehead. He had no idea what had just happened; it had gone entirely too fast. He cracked one eye open, and looked to the hand that was not holding his head.

Well, that was new.

Instead of his cellphone, he held a new device entirely; it was square, and a bit bulky, and mostly screen. Red on top, black on the bottom. It looked like it might have had a panel that slid out, like the keyboard of his cell, and it had a clip on the back-- perhaps to hook to a belt or pocket. He looked back up from his phone to see that the others around him had begun to sit up as well...

And that from the forest in front of them was a small pack of bouncing heads, led by a four-foot-tall purple... thing.

"Yauaghhh!" Simon exclaimed, scrambling backwards in a curious crab-walk, and toppling straight over one of the others that was lying behind him, a sort of scrawny boy with parts of his hair dyed green.

"Hey-yah, watch where you're goin'!" the other boy yelled, before he paused and took a look for himself. He soon mimicked Simon's motion.

Within seconds, the gathering of six children were all in the throes of panic, tumbling over eachother, backing against the rocky face, all trying to stick close to each-other. One of the older-looking boys was standing in front of the one with green hair; a girl with brown and blond hair, dressed in overalls, was looking around in a panic. Without warning, the six bouncing heads stopped, but the four-foot-tall walking hoodie suddenly darted forward at Simon, unnatural yellow eyes glowing. He had his long arms reared back, seeming ready to attack--

Before the thing got blindsided by one of the children-- a darker-complexioned girl with long hair and a red cropped jacket. She lunged from the side and smashed her knee into the thing's side, wielding a tree branch in one hand

"Kyah!" The purple hoodie monster (Simon, you see, was trying to come up with a good name for it) was thrown completely off his balance by the girl's strike. He fell to the ground much like a rag-doll, tumbling over himself as though he had no bones. Taking advantage of the chance, all around the six children grabbed anything at their hands, moslly fallen branches. The older boy who had been protecting the other looked as though he was ready to take all comes with only his fists, while a particularly short boy grabbed a rock. Simon, himself, grabbed a sturdy-seeming branch, trying to cut his attention between the gathering of small creatures or the one crumpled on the ground.

"Geeze! What was that for!?" the hoodied thing yelled as he rose to his feet-- sort of. It seemed more that his head was rising back to where it was, and empty clothes were simply following suit. As he moved, everyone turned to face him... and the came the bouncing heads, all yelling as one.

"Faris, yeom~!"

The children froze in their tracks and turned.

If it were possible to be hugged by things with no arms, it was happening. The little things bounced and leapt at their legs; one, who had wings, was flapping wildly to keep afloat next to the girl with overalls. One that looked like a green blob with spikes pulled at the pants of the protective boy, while a hopping fish-like thing flopped happily next to the one with green hair. A tiny sheep was next to the young boy, and what looked like a little lion-cub head with a tail was next to the girl who had kneed the hoodie-monster.
And, of course, a small white fluffy thing with disproportionately huge claws was clinging to Simon's leg.

Simon wasted no time in leaping around on one leg, waving the clung-to leg like mad in an attempt to dislodge the white monster. It was to no avail-- it clung like a barnacle, humming contently.

"What on earth is going on!?" demanded the older boy, inching away slowly from the slimy dinosaur-like creature at his feet.

"We've waited so long, yeom~!" the fish-like creature chirruped as the boy with bits of green hair picked her up suspiciously, inspecting her. The boy looked her in the eye; she licked him in the face. Almost immediately, both boy and monster burst into laughter.

"I would have explained that," the hoodie-wearing thing said, dusting himself off, "if you hadn't attacked me!"

"You ought to learn a better way to explain," the girl who had attacked him said, shuffling as the cat-head rubbed against her leg, "than looking like you're going to kill someone." She, in turn, picked up the little creature at her feet, who gave her a toothy grin.

"Deekamon's alright," the fuzzy little thing said, "he's just crazy. He wouldn't hurt a Botamon!" The girl holding him blinked a couple times, and slowly mouthed 'mon?', looking at the others around her.

The girl with partially-blond hair raised an eyebrow, as the bird-like blob landed on her shoulder and cuddled in close to her face. "But what do you mean you've been waiting?" she said, putting a thumb to her chin in thought. The bird fluffed his feathers up, and looked sidelong at her.

"Just what Finmon said," he said, fluttering his wings and shaking his tail-feathers. "We've been waiting so long. Deekamon kept telling us weird places you'd show up for years! And nowwww..." As if on-cue, all six little creatures joined in for a chorus with the little bird: "You're here!" They resumed their excited bouncing and chirruping little noises.
Meanwhile, the kids were just confused.

"... what's going on?" the small boy up and asked, looking around. "I was just checking my phone, when all of a sudden--"

"I got this weird text message!" said the boy with the fish, leaping in excitedly.

"Me, too! The entire message was blank!" Simon exclaimed, wiggling his fingers to indicate mystery.

"And then it started flashing really bright white," the girl in overalls said, looking up to the sky, thoughtful, as though she were afraid she were telling the story wrong.

The darker girl shrugged one shoulder as the cat-like thing nestled himself so the girl was holding him under one arm. "And then it made me start to glow along with it."

The older boy heaved a sigh, kneeling to pick up the blobby reptile. "I think we all had the same experience then," he said simply, looking around him. "But that doesn't explain what actually happened and where we are." He looked at the purple-clothed thing -- Deekamon? -- expectantly. For all the world it gave the feeling that it was smiling, even though if it had a mouth at all, it wasn't visible. He turned and beckoned for all assembled to follow him back into the woods. The little hopping creatures did, and with some reluctance, the children followed after.


(Simon went back to hopping around, screaming and trying to get the little thing off his leg.)


It would have been a tight fit to fit all six humans and the little monsters inside of Deekamon's hut; instead, the purple monster-thing built a small fire outside and motioned his arms, as they arrived there, for the children to take a seat. They did so, with a great amount of trepidation; however, before too long, all six children were seated on the dusty ground, each holding or next to their respective little monster.

"I think," Deekamon said, splaying his hands with palms up (or, as best he had hands-- they were, it seemed, clawed extensions of his hoodie), "it is best if we introduce ourselves. My name is Deekamon!" He took a grandiose bow, and looked expectantly at the closest child-- that being the girl who had attacked him earlier.

She introduced herself as Andrea, brushing a bit of hair out of her face; the little cat-thing on her lap said his name was Cindemon. Next in the circle was the boy whom Simon had tumbled over earlier; his name was Faris, and the dolphin-thing he held called herself Finmon. To his left was the older boy, who said his name was Julian, and claimed to be Faris' brother. Come to think, Simon could see a familial resemblence... Regardless, the lizard thing with him was named Paleomon.
The short boy was named Tobias, it seemed, but he wanted to be called Toby instead; the sheep who cuddled up on his lap said her name was Fuwamon. The girl with partially-brown hair smiled and told the group that her name was Emily, and the bird-thing chimed in saying his name was Mismon. Last of all was, of course, Simon, who was keeping the little fluffy white thing -- named Efudemon, it would seem -- at a distance with a small stick.

Deekamon made the strangest little giggling noise and nodded, but then he paused. "One, two, threefourfive sssix," he muttered, looking thoughtful for only a moment. "... I thought that even if plumon wasn't here..." Regardless, he shook his head and was back to normal in a second. "Welcome," he said, spreading his arms wide again, "to my little corner of the forest! That's where we are."

Julian's eyes slid half-shut. "That doesn't explain anything," he said bluntly. Paleomon, sitting on his lap, nodded as best he could with no neck.

"He's right, Deekamon. I don't think that's what they meant when they said they wanted to know where they are. They're not from here, remember?"

"... oh, yes," Deekamon remarked, hemming and hawing for a moment. "Well, you are not from here. You're from there. But now you're here, not there, but we had to send out messages to there to bring you here." The children (and, infact, the monsters with them) gave Deekamon a curious sort of look.

"He means," Fuwamon spoke up for the first time, looking up and around, "that you're now in the digital world." At her words there was a sort of murmur that spread throughout the circle; Faris and Julian exchanged shrugs, Emily and Andrea both mouthed 'what?' at eachother. Simon and Toby, merely blinked.

"Um, what?" Toby inquired, picking up the little sheep and looking her in the face. She smiled.

"Digital world!" Efudemon chirped, smiling. "Like, you guys have computers there, right?" He looked around for affirmation, but he didn't wait before he continued: "It's like that! All that... stuff... makes us, Digimon!"
He was met with blank stares all around-- his explanation had cleared up absolutely nothing. He shuffled a bit uncomfortably, but kept smiling. "Umhm, maybe someone else can explain it better than I can?" he tried, looking around hopefully; perhaps one of the other digimon would have stepped up to the plate, if not for a sudden sound in the trees behind Deekamon's hut.

"Uhm," Emily started. "... what was that?"

With a wave of his tail, Cindemon -- sitting still over on Andrea's lap -- closed his eyes and said, "nothing, I'm sure." However, the sudden beeping noise from each of the human's pockets seemed to disagree. Simon dug into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out what was once his phone; the screen was lighting up and emitting a shrill beeping noise. He looked around; all the others seemed to have the same sort of thing as he did, in different colours; he would have to take note of the differences later, for now was pointedly not the time.

"What does this mean!?" Faris yelped, fumbling with the device. Finmon hopped off his lap and onto the ground, kicking up a bit of dirt with her flopping tailfin.

"It's your D-GEAR units!" she exclaimed, sounding entirely too excited.

Before anyone could ask anything more, there was the crackling of broken branches and the rustle of leaves, and into the clearing their bounded a creature, far larger than any of those gathered around the fire.
It was large, and it was purple, and it looked like a bear; it looked like it could have ripped up a tree with the huge, clawed gloves it had on its forepaws. A white crescent shape was on its forehead, and great teeth poked up from its lower jaw.

Before anyone could make a move, the devices-- the things that Finmon had called a D-GEAR unit -- beeped to life, and from all around the circle, the screens suddenly created, an inch above their screens, a small holographic duplicate of the monster that stood so close. From some unknown speaker, all six devices began to speak:

Grizzlymon. Adult-level beast digimon. Its great size does not bely its incredible agility. When it gets on its hind legs, its mighty Kuma Tsume can strike down anything in its path, but for the most part, it likes to attack by using its enemy's strength against it with its Maul Attack.

"That doesn't sound good," Andrea said, stowing the device impassively in her pocket. Her eyes narrowed, but she kept a surprisingly cool expression.

The huge bear snickered, baring its teeth in a horrible smile. Suddenly, it lunged forward, landing on the fire and putting it out with a fizzle. He curved his body such as to 'round up', as it were, the six humans, placing his girth between them and Deekamon. The children stumbled backwards-- even Andrea moved from her seat and took a step back. "Well, I got here early, didn't I?" it said. "He'll be glad to hear of this."

"Why am I not surprised that it can talk?" Julian said flatly, a frown tugging at the sides of his mouth. The great bear snickered and shook its body in a flurry of fur; he stood and tapped his paw at the ground, but made no move.
Without warning, the six little monsters leapt from the childrens' laps; each one, even with their little forms, looked intently at the far-larger monster in front of them.

"... you can't tell me they're going to fight," Simon said out of the corner of his mouth to the person nearest him-- Emily. Efudemon, however, seemed to have heard him, as he turned as best he could, and gave Simon a snaggle-toothed smile.

"We got this!"

They seemed prepared to strike, before suddenly, from the other side of Grizzlymon leapt up a blindingly-brightly-glowing yellow and purple shape, jumping high in the air before it smashed back down into the bear with a cry:


The light flew from the figure; it was, after the glow faded away, quite obviously Deekamon. Grizzlymon let out a great roar, and thrashed about to attempt to get the far-smaller creature off its back. Deekamon held onto fistfuls of the bear's fur, even as his flimsy body got flapped around like a flag in the wind. He turned to look at the children and the smaller digimon, and there was a curious flash in his yellow eyes. He barked only one word:
"GO!" With that, he leapt off of the bear's back, and suddenly threw six shining somethings into the air. One hand wasn't enough to hold his grip; he was thrown into the woods a good few yards away.

Whatever they were, they shot into the sky like rockets; they seemed to be comprised of pure light, streaking into the darkening sky before they turned around. They burned like comets as they all-of-a-sudden smashed back into the devices the children held. Once more they began to glow white all over.

"Aw, not this again!" Toby lamented, but even as he did the device began to change; the light shot straight out, and into..

The little monsters?

Almost at once, the creatures took on the otherworldly white light and began to change, all at once. It was almost too much to watch all at once, but were one of the children to watch just one...

"Efudemon, kickstart digivolve to..." Efudemon grew in size; he grew limbs, and long floppy ears. His tail lengthened, and a sizable bushy bit of fur grew around what was now his neck; a strange thing grew in one of his new hands; the light faded, and it was... a paintbrush? "Egakumon!"

"Cindemon, kickstart digivolve to..." Cindemon, meanwhile, grew forward; his blobby body turned into a quadrupedial one. Long fur grew on his head and all of his limbs, and his tail thrashed around. with a clink, a golden necklace fastened around his neck. "Rajamon!"

"Mismon, kickstart digivolve to..." The bird began to change; like those around him, he grew to a significantly larger size. His half-functional wings grew to clawed wing-hands; the long feather on his forehead split and became like shaggy hair; his tailfeathers grew, and feet -- covered with toeless boots -- sprouted. "Kamomon!"

"Paleomon, kickstart digivolve to..." Paleomon was perhaps the most dramatic; from a small blob with tiny hands grew a bipedal dinosaur, with a hard bone plate on his forehead. On his hands and feet, there were black leather accessories with vicious claws. His tail grew longer, and spikes sprouted on his head and between his shoulderblades. "Iguamon!"

"Fuwamon, kickstart digivolve to..." Fuwamon, having four limbs to begin with, grew no more; however, she englongated, and long -- longer than her new body -- wool grew on her head that faded into smoke the further back it went. A hairtie and collar formed, and silver rings snapped around her forelegs. "Lammon!"

"Finmon, kickstart digivolve to..." Finmon enlongated significantly; an additional fin grew on her head and her new back, and her muzzle grew out. She grew no hind legs, but her front flippers became far more truly limb-like as opposed to simple flippers. Her tail was now huge, and dolphin-like; goggles appeared on her forehead. "Delfinimon!"

No matter how long it would take to write, this happened within seconds; a brilliant flash of light and change, and then the light died down. Where moments ago there stood six bouncing heads were now six far-more-developed creatures-- still altogether smaller than Grizzlymon, but looking a sight more impressive regardless.

"... you guys," Emily said slowly, looking to her fellows. "... did that just happen, or was it just me?"

"Aw, yeaaah!" Simon cheered, pumping his fist; if he heard Emily, he wasn't responding. "Kick that giant teddybear's face in!"

"I think that's a bit much," Julian said, looking over at Simon and shaking his head.

It didn't matter what the children said; the digimon that stood in front of them needed no instruction. As one, they leapt forward.

From Egakumon, there was a cry of "Pummel Claw!" as one of his hands began to glow and he sprung at Grizzlymon's side; the bear turned to strike him. The cat and the bird rushed forward to be in front of Grizzlymon; Kamomon opened his beak and yelled out, "Ocean Blast!" and from his mouth there shot a high-pressure blast of water; as a counterpoint, Rajamon bellowed "Prince Fire!" and did the same with a fireball.
While Grizzlymon lumbered onto his hind legs, his mighty claws spread wide, Delfinimon cried out "Blast Bite!" before she leapt at the bear's back legs, light gathering in her mouth before she bit down hard. A small explosion occurred, and she was thrown backwards by the force of her own attack. Grizzlymon stumbled; this provided a chance for Lammon to jump in to strike the other back leeg, crying out "Lamb Kick!" before she struck out with her back legs in a hard kick. With this, Iguamon yelled "Rock Strike!", pulling a rock out of the ground and using his tail to throw it, hard, at Grizzlymon's face.

Attack after attack struck him; six against one, even when he had the advantage of size and power, was simply not fair! The bear began to topple and sway as both of his hind legs were struck. The six smaller digimon suddenly darted back to the children as a glow started up in the woods.
Like a bat out of Hell, Deekamon leapt back out of the trees, this time only his arms glowing; keeping his distance, he yelled out:

"Extend Arm!"

His arms then shot like bullets, extending like rubber while he stayed in place. They struck the bear hard; he fell to the ground and began to glow blue.

Toby peered at the huge bear's body; he would have crept closer had Deekamon not immediately barked, "Stay back! Don't touch it!"
Simon raised his eyebrows as the monster began to turn into a steady stream of glowing blue binary-- like the sky he had seen when he arrived? Before he could think of anything else, the data flew into the sky, leaving behind only one thing; a purple egg, about as big as a basketball, with a rotated white crescent and white tip.

The six children were all dumbstruck for a moment; all of a sudden, Faris was the one to break the silence.

"That was so awesome!!" he yelled, sliding to his knees in the dust to get a better look at the dolphin-like creature that used to be Finmon.
That broke the ice nicely; in seconds, Toby was waving his hand through the smoky end of Lammon's hair and Emily was wandering around Kamomon in a circle to get a better look at him. Rajamon was circling in and around Andrea's legs, rubbing his sides up on her as she gave him an impressed look, and Julian was even giving Iguamon a high-five.
Simon peered at now-Egakumon, who stood with arms akimbo and a satisfied expression.

Simon could think to say only one thing:

"Why a paintbrush?"

And so it went; for a few minutes, the children and the digimon with them seemed to be entirely satisfied by the battle. Deekamon began to strike up another fire -- "after my last one got so rudely put out," he commented -- and conducted a quick check of the area around his hut. After the hustle and the bustle had calmed down, and they had returned once more to their seats around the fire, all eyes were on the hoodied creature.

"I think I should explain," Deekamon said.

[Chapter 1: End]