Gallery: Art By Others
Art of re:GEN characters by people that aren't Kazz! Requests, gifts, trades, contest entries, and commissions-- all y'all who draw the re:GEN characters are the best folks ever.
Credit is given as listed.

By Others

Art by (respectively) Inakamon on dA (character credit on picture), MendezLightning on dA, Orukiam on dA, Strontium-Chloride on dA, Barghestmon on dA Inakamon on dA, LostVelverSkies on dA, VinnyCrow on dA

Contest Entries
Art pertaining to the first Digimon re:GENESIS contest!

1st, 2nd, 3rd places (respectively):

Barghestmon at dA, eyedocjr at dA, SilverJinxx at dA

Runners Up:

inakamon at dA, digitalpokelau at dA