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Welcome to Digimon re:GENESIS, an FDD (fan digimon and digidestined) site! This is a fanfiction project, so if you're here looking for anything official, you're in the wrong place.

Digimon re:GENESIS is a fanfiction meant to emulate a season of the Digimon anime; it is a series that attempts to meld old and new, creating a story that's true to the Digimon roots while throwing in some personal flair. I have no idea if it succeeds at that-- you tell me!

October 8th, 2013: Happy second anniversary, Digimon re:GENESIS.
Epilogue: Life is Waiting to Begin has been posted.

~Kennedy ♥

September 30, 2013: Oh my god.

You guys.

It's out.

Chapter 51: Where We Belong? The final chapter?
It's out. You can go read it right now. It been two years coming. So much about this story has changed in that time, but it's finally done. It's set in stone.

Before we go on, though, hold your horses and read this!!! I'm breaking the flow to tell you something! There's one last thing I need to post, and it will come on the eighth-- when re:GEN turns two, the book of re:GENESIS (see what I did there?) will close for good, but there's one last thing to be taken care of. Check back then!! It's non-optional stuff. ;)

But for now?

Holy shit, you guys. Digimon re:GENESIS is complete. What are you waiting for!? GO!!! Read! Review (especially if you haven't before-- don't worry, it's cool by me)!

Holy shit.

51 episodes. More than 300,000 words of story-- not counting profiles, art, site work-- and it's all my handiwork. Is it all great? Nah, not at all. Some of it kind of sucks. But holy crap, it's mine. I did this alone, and I've created something that other people actually like.

I'm just... overwhelmed. I've done so much more with this than I ever thought I would. It's come so far. It's been a constant for two years, and to have it be done is just... really scary to me. But I'm thankful. I'm glad that I've seen the support I have, even without anything fancy going for it. It's been rough, it's been rocky, and it's been amazing.

In honor of the final chapter, I have created and released a special OST; it deals with music for the last four episodes. I couldn't release it early, sadly, just because, well, spoilers? Ah well. Enjoy the fourth and final OST.

I hope you, and many more, will follow me into the future and will be around for the launch of Digimon re:CONNECT, my next project. December 2nd is launch day; mark the date! re:CONNECT will be a totally different story, set in a new universe, but there'll be easter-eggs for eagle-eyed viewers

I just... wow. I know I'm rambling, but this is huge to me. I'm taking a break and I'm going on vacation. re:CON will begin writing in November for NaNoWriMo, but once the last thing goes up, I'm taking a well-deserved breather.

So! I'll be back with the last word in a week. For now, though?
I just finished writing Digimon re:GENESIS. What am I going to do now?
I'm going to Disney World.
(Btw: this isn't just a hackneyed joke, I actually am visting my friend-family in Florida, and we're going to Disney World. 100% serious. This couldn't have worked better if I tried.)

This site will stay up as long as Webs will let me keep it up. (I'm backing it up as it is now regardless, just in case.) I'll still be re-writing the early chapters to streamline them a bit better, but... man. This is it.

Writing and creating Digimon re:GENESIS has been an amazing experience for me. It hurts to be done with it. In a good way-- the story that's been stewing in me is finally out to the world. These kids finally get to rest. All's well, and that's really sad to me There's nowhere else this story needs to go.

What I'm saying is thank you, reader; and thank you, Digimon re:GENESIS. It's been one hell of a trip.

With love,

~Kennedy 'Kazz' Emanuel
Hack author, bad artist, and dedicated to a fault
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